Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jackson Conspiracies

Okay... Doors locked and bolted: check. Windows barred: check. Fence electrified: check. Landmines buried in the lawn: check. Neighbour's guard dog borrowed: check. Molotov cocktails: on standby. Okay, I'm set. Why all the heavy precautions? Well because a certain member of Michael Jackson's family has been a bit... insane, in public... and pissing off Michael Jackson fans this soon after he died might get me strung up by the online community -- and this is coming from a guy who slags evangelists, cops, starlets, and helicopter parents on a regular basis. But I digress.

According to no less an authority than LaToya Jackson -- who was printed in no less credible a newspaper, than the tabloid News of the World -- her superfamous brother was murdered by unnamed conspirators, to gain his fortune. LaToya claims to know who these alleged assailants are, yet she did not identify them in any way, nor did she offer any proof to support her accusations. Uh huh...

Look, at the risk of saying something a bit low, I must ask... doesn't anyone keep an eye on the Jackson family? You know, like a psychiatrist? As if Michael's slide into total insanity wasn't bad enough -- especially now that he's gone -- I honestly can't remember a time when LaToya was known as anything but a total loon. It's a shame that tabloids -- as well as the other vermin calling themselves entertainment journalists -- are so drawn to this like flies on turds, that they don't care if they're basically enablers. At the very least, this helps the make the family a world-wide laughingstock. At worst, it might encourage them to do something incredibly stupid or dangerous -- something that can't be hushed up or forgotten about. Think about that. That's it for me.

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