Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Canadians don't care about torture?

So the Conservative government of Emperor Harper has effectively shut down a commission that is trying to investigate the allegations of Canadian soldiers knowingly letting Afghan prisoners of war being tortured, under government orders. This is fairly typical of the Harper government's hostility towards oversight, justice, and democracy.

One MP, Laurie Hawn, claims that Canadians don't care about the issue -- what planet is he on?

Every poll I've seen since this issue came up, says Canadians are just about ready to throw the Tories into the street. So all that this does is perpetuate the idea that the Harperites know that something fishy is going on, and are trying -- rather badly -- to cover it up.

So everyone reading this, if you agree with me on it, e-mail Mr. Hawn at Let him know how the public REALLY feels about this disgrace.

I also invite you to contact our REAL head of state, Governor General Michaelle Jean, to ask her to stop Harper from destroying this country (he can only suspend Parliament with her permission -- she might even be able to pull the plug on him, I don't know about that though).

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