Monday, August 2, 2010

Ti-Cats and Pan Am Stadium

I had to comment on this eventually...

The professional football team in my town -- the mediocre Hamilton Tiger Cats (aka Ti-Cats) -- are so adamant that they will not play in the proposed West Harbour Pan Am stadium, that they are threatening to leave Hamilton rather than set foot in it. Furthermore, the Canadian Football League (CFL) is supporting this, adding that Hamilton will never again have a CFL team if it decides on a West Harbour stadium, which is favoured by most of the people who are actually paying for it and have a stake in the proceedings.

This debacle has drawn out the construction dates so long, that Hamilton has already lost the valuable track and field events in the Toronto Pan Am games for 2015.

So let me get this straight... The Ti-Cats play in a stadium right now that is run down, falling apart, and quite frankly is not in the best or most accessible neighbourhood. The city -- their landlords and main fan base -- wants to move them into another stadium that doesn't seem to be much different as far as I can tell, and the Cats suddenly whine loud enough to threaten our stake in the Pan-Am games. Furthermore, they are threatening to leave Hamilton, if they don't get to play where they want -- this, after Hamilton has stuck by them through many seasons where they barely won any games at all. I am outraged that a bloody football team is trying to hold my city hostage -- and not even a good football team, either! If these punks want to give the finger to a fiercely loyal city, then they can just leave now. Don't let the door hit your tails on the way out.

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