Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lest We Forget (because many are)

Today is November the 11th. Around the world, we honour our veterans, past and present, on this day. At least, we are supposed to -- one of the reasons I'm skeptical of the day, is that far too often we only pay lip service to what our soldiers have died for, and are still risking their lives for.

We as people, are way too complacent about who leads us. We are either willing to accept creeping dictatorships, or so exasperated with elections that we'd rather not vote at all, than take a stand ourselves.

Despite their frequent use of soldiers as props, our politicians very often neglect and abandon our veterans once they come home from the wars started in our nations' capitals -- far too many of our veterans live as little more than vagrants, often thanks to the same people who demand we support our troops unconditionally.

So take a few moments to think about that -- not just today, but every other day. I don't care how you remember, or when you remember, but I do care IF you remember. The only reason we still have any freedom at all, is because of these soldiers, yet far too often we are making that sacrifice meaningless.

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