Saturday, February 26, 2011

February's Morons of the Month

Thankfully, most (if not all) of these measures, DID NOT pass.

I'll remind you, he's one of those blowhards who think that gay people, liberals, and non-Christians, lack any morals.

He also claims to be defending Canadian families, against said immorality.

  • The Tea Party Terrorist Group (and Republican Representative Paul Broun), for (respectively) threatening to shoot Barack Obama, and taking it very lightly. I've already passed this on to the FBI, in Broun's home state of Georgia. If anyone reading this, can contact the Secret Service, please pass this along.

And these guys claim they are loyal Americans, and never EVER get violent? Please.

  • Emperor Stephen Harper and Minister of International Co-Operation Bev Oda, for thinking that's perfectly fine to forge a document that revokes a church group's funding (after it's been approved), and then lying to Parliament and the Canadian people about it. So much for all of that accountability, and law-and-order, that Harper promised when he was running for Prime Minister.

Finally, while I don't think it's very nice to attack imploding celebrities who have addictions, it's very hard to overlook Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen's recent antics -- one is facing the very real possibility of going to jail (apparently not getting the message), and the other's career is probably destroyed because he insulted his boss on the radio. Get better, guys -- but thanks for coming out.

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