Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June's Morons of the Month

Oh, here we go...

  • Vancouver Canucks fans (and various troublemakers) for reacting to the Stanley Cup loss by -- once again -- starting a riot. *sighs*
  • The Canadian Stephen Harper Conservative Government for 1) being the only major nation to NOT ban the export of asbestos (even though Canada is ridding it from all of our buildings, including where Emperor Harper lives and works). 2) Shrugging off a police investigation into shady spending from his government, as a Liberal whine-fest (um, these are the same guys who hammered Paul Martin and Jean Chretien over AdScam). 3) Continuing to flip off the Canadian people, whom they assaulted and oppressed at G20 last year.
  • Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair, the Police Service, Ontario Regent Dalton McGuinty, and their apologists for continuing to claim they did NOTHING wrong, despite ever more clear evidence of them assaulting and jailing -- without lawyers -- over a thousand Canadians at G20, who broke no laws. This includes the Nazi-like arrest, stripping, beating, and caging of a man who simply made a smart-assed remark about the summit.
  • Sarah Palin for her completely dumb-assed grasp of history... and her followers, for refusing to read a fucking book on Paul Revere.
  • Facebook for their upcoming -- and universally LOATHED -- auto-photo tag feature. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE THESE GUYS BEEN FLAGGED ABOUT PRIVACY?? Why aren't they getting the message??

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