Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rush Limbaugh vs. The Dark Knight Rises

...Ok, what in the fuck??

Conservatives aren't even trying, anymore. Rush Limbaugh has come out attacking THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (opening this Friday), claiming that -- because the villain is named Bane -- it is Democrat propaganda, aimed at smearing Mitt Romney.

We'll leave aside for a moment, that Romney's refusal to disclose his tax records, and his deception for how long he was at Bain & Company, are well-known facts -- and hammering Romney over them is not in any way shape or form, a campaign of hate-mongering lies. Limbaugh's claim is so fucking ridiculous that it shows why he's hemorrhaging listeners more and more every day.

For one thing, Romney's time at Bain wasn't even controversial, until about a week ago -- WHEN THE MOVIE WAS COMPLETELY FINISHED. For those of you who weren't following TDKR's development, the idea to use Bane as the villain, came about TWO YEARS AGO, and was immediately made public. Furthermore, Bane wasn't even invented for this film; as any Batman fan knows, the character first appeared in 1993 (and in fact has appeared on the big-screen before, in 1997's infamous Batman & Robin). Despite being relegated into a mindless thug in the latter film, the character has always been very popular, making him a logical choice for inclusion in The Dark Knight Rises.

Therefore, in order for Limbaugh's conspiracy theory to have ANY SENSE WHATSOEVER, not only would someone in the Obama White House had to have tipped off Christopher Nolan et al, that A) Mitt Romney was going to be the Republican presidential candidate, and that B) they were going to hammer him over his business history, LONG BEFORE ROMNEY WAS EVEN CONSIDERED AS A NOMINEE... but Obama would have had to somehow influence DC Comics about this decision JUST AS ROMNEY WAS ENTERING POLITICS AT ALL. AND have the incredible precision to have this major Hollywood movie come out at the exact moment that the shit had hit the fan, over the scandal.

So either Rush Limbaugh and his handlers think that his fans are the stupidest human beings on the planet, or the man himself has completely lost his mind. I'll leave it to you, to decide which it is.

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