Monday, March 18, 2013

News Flash: Steubenville Rapists ARE NOT Heroes. Got It?

Do I seriously need to explain to people, what the fuck is wrong with the Steubenville rape case? Are we really so irredeemable as a species, that an entire town in Ohio TO THIS DAY shrugs off a 16 year old girl being gangraped while drunk and unconscious? Are the morals of the so-called Heartland of America so bankrupt that it's considered acceptable for the local high school football coach to NOT report this happening, when he knew full well about it? (something that is a FELONY in every civilized part of the world)

Don't even get me started on so-called journalist Michael Crook, who actually has written an article claiming that -- wait for it -- rape doesn't exist. That is not a misprint. He has actually written a book, about that subject.

I refuse to go on any further about this, because in my opinion -- having, you know, a moral compass and a working brain -- is that high school sports should NEVER take precedence over someone's basic right to have their physical space respected. Instead of teaching girls not to get drunk, or to -- for fuck's sake -- to carry A GUN to avoid getting raped, how about these chauvinistic cockscabs teach their sons TO NOT RAPE ANYONE. You know, TO BE A MAN!

And should Mr. Crook or anyone on his side STILL claim there's no such thing as rape... I personally know several people who were in this girl's position. Some were even younger, when they were raped. For that matter, American prisons ALONE have had countless PROVEN instances of rape. I fucking dare Crook and his supporters to claim to EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THESE VICTIMS, IN PERSON, that their attacks never happened.

Or is it a lot more manly and decent for you to just keep the wool over your eyes?

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