Thursday, February 25, 2010

Viva Las Vegas Loca

Friday, February 12, 2010

Canada the Fascist State

As you know, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been increasingly despotic ever since he took office. Just today I've been reading some additional articles that must be brought to the public's attention, as they speak to a disturbing trend in the attitudes of Harper and his Conservative Party.

After reading this, I dare anyone to say to me, that this government isn't trying to destroy our democracy and freedom.

Something that I haven't commented on a lot, is a fiasco in the Rights and Democracy board. Over time, Harper appointed some Tory lackies to senior positions, and the result was nothing short of extreme intimidation of the existing board and staff, for ideological reasons. This is yet another example of how the Tories smear anyone criticizing Israel, as Anti-Semitic -- in this case, leading to the resignation of several members, and the death of at least one board member.

It must be noted, that during this man's funeral, the board's offices were looted and computers stolen. The case is unsolved as of this writing.

In another case not too long ago, Emperor Harper was on a public relations tour, and when he had the press on his private plane, essentially confined them there until they were made clear that they were ONLY to report what HARPER wanted them to report. This is coming from a Prime Minister who already exercises heavy control over what the press may and may not ask him (especially in public). In other words, the press was basically held hostage -- not surprisingly, this has been mostly unreported by the mainstream media.

Also of note is that yet another economist was found criticizing Harper's claims that he can eliminate our deficit without raising taxes or cutting spending -- which is something anyone who's ever handled money can figure out. The response from the Prime Minister's Office, was to drag this man through the mud as well, labeling him an elite Ignatieff crony, because he happened to attend a conference in Florida where the Liberal leader was also speaking.

Finally, a Calgary riding association was so fed up with their Tory MP (who had infamously refused to grant Nelson Mandela honourary Canadian citizenship, calling him a "terrorist" and a "communist"), that they tried to have him replaced with another Conservative. The party would have none of this and tried to shut them down -- so the whole staff walked. The MP has since resigned, but that is too little too late.

We are officially living in a country, where questioning the status quo puts you on the receiving end of threats, bullying, and oppression. I was hoping that we could simply wait until the next election to end this, but now I fear we might not get that chance. All Canadians, rise up and fight back -- tell the Conservatives and the press, that we will not just stand by and let ourselves be silenced!