Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chick fil-A =/= Free Speech

To the Christian Right and Teabaggers... Let me explain something.

Criticizing a little-known fast-food chain, because they decided to publicly smear gay Americans for wanting to be treated like human beings, is not attacking their free speech. Besides, it didn't stop your camp from attacking JC Penny, The Muppets, Ellen Degeneres, EA Games, etc. for being PRO-gay rights.

What the Chick-Fil-A CEO and Republicans are doing, is absolutely no different from what bigots in the 1960s and 70s were doing, to protest the end of segregation, and then interracial marriage. It's also no less wrong.

This isn't a free speech issue, this is a human rights issue. Especially since this is a company that has a history of endorsing laws that seek to murder homosexuals. It also has a long history of sexist and racist behaviour towards its own staff.

That is not right, no matter how you try to sweep it under the rug. America is supposed to stand for EVERYONE'S freedom. That's the very point of the Constitution. As soon as you start saying that only the "right" people deserve to be considered human beings, you're exactly the same as slave owners, religious fanatics, and the worst mass murderers in human history.

All that you have done, is show the world just how bigoted you really are. And maybe you haven't noticed, but it's not being accepted, as much as you think it is.