Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Taliban Santorum wants to violate the Constitution

Whenever a hardline conservative claims to be against big government, pro-liberty, and pro-Constitution, throw this one at him/her.

Rick Santorum Says He Will Overturn The Supreme Court If Same-Sex Marriage Is Ruled Legal (VIDEO)

Not content to talk about criminalizing birth control, making rape victims carry the children of their attackers, and flat out screwing over black people, Republican contender Rick Santorum -- ostensibly the only REAL CONSERVATIVE candidate (more on that in a bit) -- has come out swinging at gay-marriage-banning Proposition 8 being struck down as unconstitutional. While he's not going as far as quite a few American conservatives, in flat out calling this a war on liberalism (yes, I've seriously seen that phrase used), he is still vowing that if he is President when the Supreme Court inevitably rules that bans on same-sex marriage are illegal, he will take the Newt Gingrich route and overturn the Supreme Court itself.

Now, in case no one has explained this to you before -- and if you're a Teabagger, chances are no one has -- NO PRESIDENT CAN DO THAT. The Constitution specifically forbids it. That's the entire point of making the judges a separate branch of the government; so they cannot be persuaded or coerced into ruling however the government wants them to.

Of course, the irony should escape no one, that Santorum is one of those firebrand right-wingers, who are convinced that ANY liberal ruling is an example of judicial activism (even when it simply enforces the law of the land).

Now, this is something that seems to have been lost in the last thirty years or so, but it used to be that being politically conservative, genuinely did mean to be against intrusive and wasteful government -- something that I am totally fine with, by the way. How exactly this relates to OPENLY PERSECUTING PEOPLE, SILENCING WELL-INFORMED CRITICS, and FORCING RELIGION DOWN THE THROATS OF THE MASSES, is way beyond the logic of... well, anyone with moderate comprehension skills.

Oh, and at the risk of repeating something that I have said many times about other right-wingers, Santorum's attitude is no less than an open slap in the face, to anyone who fought or was killed by terrorists in the last ten years. The last thing America needs, is its own Ayatollah.