Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Shutdown Stupidity

If you pay any attention at all to the news, I'm sure you already know: the Republican Tea Party, shut the US government last night. All because they want to gut or defundaffordable health care. Which has already been elected law, ratified by the Supreme Court, and endorsed by Obama's landslide re-election. Which NEARLY ALL AMERICANS WANT THEM TO LEAVE ALONE. Which they have failed to do, FORTY-TWO TIMES ALREADY.

And what's more, Obama and the Democrats tried to cut costs in other areas, to satisfy budget needs -- but the Teahadists would have none of this. For some reason, these people -- who only work a hundred or so days a year, and whose health care is 100% covered by the taxpayer -- are VERY livid at the idea of common people NOT having to pay through the nose for a trip to the hospital. So much so that they have single-handedly brought public services -- and that's not an oxymoron -- to a grinding halt. They have even threatened to SHUT DOWN THE MILITARY, DURING A WAR to do this (something that was only avoided because Obama made an executive order).

This is not taking a principled stand. This is treason -- and just to be an evil fucking asshole. And despite what some Tea Party mouthpieces claim, PEOPLE ARE NOT BUYING THIS -- the Tea Party's only friends here, are their own echoes.

And in case I actually need to explain what is wrong with the far-right's constant time wasting and dickery, I'm going to try -- no doubt in vain -- to explain this. Say that I'm married to someone who is constantly picking fights, emotionally abusive, and domineering overall. Say that I managed to come into money, or otherwise raised enough on my own, and wanted to donate it to... oh, a hospital, a shelter, something worthwhile. And before you bring it up, yes we can afford to do it, because we've got debt well under control, or something. What the Tea Party is doing, is basically akin to changing my house locks and locking me out of my own bank account, because I wasn't going to instead buy her an outdoor pool.

Frankly, if this ever actually happens to me, I will INSTANTLY divorce the bitch, and press all possible criminal charges. If there is anything Obama can possibly do, to punish these Tea Party TERRORISTS, then he should do so as soon as possible. They do not know the meaning of reasonable opposition, anymore. They simply want to run over Americans with a steamroller.