Friday, January 29, 2010

Harper the Fake Feminist

So Emperor Harper, no doubt in a desperate bid to keep power, has announced to the world stage that his new priority is the welfare of women and children. He exclaims that that should be the top goal of the G8 and G20 conferences this year, encouraging and "enlightened" policy from all.

In case you're wondering, the other world leaders aren't buying it, and neither are most Canadians. This is for a very simple reason: Harper standing up for womens' rights, is like Fred Phelps standing up for a gay pride parade.

This is not only the same man, whose party is supported by ultra-conservative religious groups, bound and determined to keep women in the home; this is not only the same person whose party has repeatedly condemned single mothers and the lower-class in general; this is not only the same person whose government has slashed funding to several women's programs and widened the gender salary gap...

This is the same man who, just last year, personally referred to women as "a left-wing fringe group". In plain English, Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, have complete and utter contempt for women. Therefore, the only reason that Harper is suddenly applauding the fairer sex, must be for the same reason he suddenly acknowledged we were in a recession, or suddenly announced stimulus spending, or EI reform: he's trying to save his own ass.

Nevermind that this shows absolutely no sincerity on Harper's part, but based on past experience you can bet that his supposed "enlightenment" will either be very limited, or totally forgotten about in the next couple of months. Hopefully Canadian voters now have longer attention spans than that, and won't fall for it.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Harper Must Go

The grassroots movements protesting Emperor Harper's attacks on Canadian democracy, are growing more and more all the time. I'm hoping to be involved in a rally in Hamilton in the next couple of weeks (will keep anyone interested from here posted on that).

Sure enough, there are still some Conservative trolls (and Members of Parliament) insisting that Harper is a great leader, that this is all perfectly normal, etc. I really wish the right-wing would stop pissing on the public and trying to tell us that it's raining -- it's not only unethical but it's just plain insulting to our intelligence.

They claim that suspending Parliament is a normal procedure -- if so, then why does it rarely happen, and is widely considered a bad thing whenever it does? Furthermore, why does Harper conspicuously only do this, when his ass has been put in a sling?

They claim Harper hasn't been accused of war crimes. Excuse me? His administration has been caught -- in writing -- knowing about the torture of war prisoners in Afghanistan (not all of them Taliban, I might add), and not only has have the Harperites done nothing to stop it, but they have consistently muzzled and vilified anyone who brings it up in public. They have also done everything in their power to obstruct an investigation into the matter (which, in any other world, would be a crime by itself).

Incidentally, one of the many things shut down, by proroguing Parliament, has been the investigation. For a party that claims to be innocent of wrong doing, they do a really bad job of not looking like they have something to hide.

They finally claim that there is no evidence of torture, and that anyone who says otherwise is against the Canadian troops (yet another example of modern McCarthyism and slander). Well, anyone who's paid any attention to this story at all, knows that there have MANY allegations, from sources including our on-the-frontlines diplomats, the Red Cross (who personally met with the Harper cabinet), and various soldiers (even if some top soldiers were apparently kept in the dark). I would therefore argue that anyone trying to get this issue resolved properly, is the real sort of patriot needed right now.

I can go on -- and intend to, later -- but suffice it to say that the Harper government and his lackies will stop at nothing to control Canada with an iron fist, and they clearly have no qualms about using Thought Police-style tactics to do it.

To anyone reading this, please do something about it. If you are Canadian, protest at your MP's offices, city halls, anywhere that can get attention (if you're on Facebook, look for the group "Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament").

If you're not Canadian, please re-post this anywhere you can. We must get the word out to as many people as possible -- at the very least, show the world that we aren't all like Harper.