Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Douchebag of the Year

Breaking Down/Dawn

Tribute to Freddie Mercury

This was originally uploaded in late November.

You Are All Diseased

Thursday, December 15, 2011

December's Morons of the Month

Stay tuned for the 2011 Douchebag of the Year, to be awarded on New Year's Eve.

  • Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina for giving his friend/chief of staff a $30,000 pay raise, and lying about whose idea it was.
  • Lowe's Hardware Stores for caving in to the a Florida hate group, that threatened them for advertising on the TLC show "All American Muslims".
  • The US Congress (and Barack Obama) for seriously toying with the idea of expanded police powers (basically Patriot Act PLUS).
  • Fox News for saying that the new Muppets movie, is teaching kids to embrace communism. Seriously.
  • Ann Coulter and Jeremy Clarkson for calling for union strikers and Occupy protesters to be shot.
  • Charles McVety (and other "family values" assholes) for continuing to call for queer kids to be bullied at school, even if it means those kids take their own lives -- basically, a quiet way of calling for genocide.
  • Conservative MP Jim Hillyer for miming shooting at the opposition, when voting to axe the gun registry.
  • British PM David Cameron for sabotaging the European economy, by vetoing a treaty that was going to fix it.
  • The Harper Government for doing what no other nation in the WORLD has done -- pulled out of the Kyoto Accord.