Saturday, February 26, 2011

February's Morons of the Month

Thankfully, most (if not all) of these measures, DID NOT pass.

I'll remind you, he's one of those blowhards who think that gay people, liberals, and non-Christians, lack any morals.

He also claims to be defending Canadian families, against said immorality.

  • The Tea Party Terrorist Group (and Republican Representative Paul Broun), for (respectively) threatening to shoot Barack Obama, and taking it very lightly. I've already passed this on to the FBI, in Broun's home state of Georgia. If anyone reading this, can contact the Secret Service, please pass this along.

And these guys claim they are loyal Americans, and never EVER get violent? Please.

  • Emperor Stephen Harper and Minister of International Co-Operation Bev Oda, for thinking that's perfectly fine to forge a document that revokes a church group's funding (after it's been approved), and then lying to Parliament and the Canadian people about it. So much for all of that accountability, and law-and-order, that Harper promised when he was running for Prime Minister.

Finally, while I don't think it's very nice to attack imploding celebrities who have addictions, it's very hard to overlook Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen's recent antics -- one is facing the very real possibility of going to jail (apparently not getting the message), and the other's career is probably destroyed because he insulted his boss on the radio. Get better, guys -- but thanks for coming out.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Crooked Stephen Harper

In the last week, the government of Emperor Harper has caught nothing but flak, over one -- relatively insignificant -- cabinet minister. Bev Oda, the Minister for International Co-Operation, has admitted (after a lot of cajoling), that she revoked the funding to KAIROS (a progressive Christian humanitarian group). Specifically, she did this by adding the word "NOT" to a document that had already been signed by one of her staff, which actually approved $7 million in federal funding.

Everyone in Ottawa, or following the story, who isn't a die-hard Stephen Harper supporter, is calling for Oda's head. It's not so much because she denied KAIROS funding -- whether one agrees with that or not, that is her prorogative, as the head of that department. The problem is that she not only altered a signed document (effectively forging it), but that she initially claimed that she wasn't the one to have done so.

In other words, not only did she lie to Parliament (which -- on top of being extremely unethical -- is grounds for dismissal), but she apparently committed a crime.

So what does our righteous Conservative Prime Minister do? After all, he has always thumped his chest about bringing an accountable government to Ottawa, and being tough on crime. Well, guess what? He's championing Bev Oda's actions.

For those who have forgotten recent history, Harper took down the Paul Martin Liberals for scandals like this (ie. AdScam). Not only that, but less than a year ago, Harper had fired cabinet minister Helena Guergis and sicked the RCMP on her, for a lot less than this. I guess being honest with Canadians, and obeying serious laws, is yet another thing that Harper only cares about when he can wound lower-case liberals with it.

I sincerely hope that Opposition Leaders Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton, and Gilles Duceppe remember where their testicles are, and overthrow Harper NOW. Forming a coalition is all that it should take, but even if it comes to an election, Harper's going to have a very hard time convincing Canadians he deserves to stay in power, when HE'S ASSISTING A CRIMINAL, WHO LIES TO THE PUBLIC. Of course, we won't even get into how Harper himself is being investigated by the International Criminal Court, for covering-up (and possibly ordering) the torture of Canada's Afghan war prisoners. If ever there was a Prime Minister, who made himself a textbook case for being thrown out of office by force, it's Stephen Harper.

Enough said.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Charles McVety the Stooge


While this is old-ish news to some of my fans, I just discovered today that "Reverend" Charles McVety had his TV show canceled, earlier this month. For those who don't know, McVety is basically Canada's answer to Pat Robertson: an overzealous bigot, claiming to be devoutly Christian, who often tells lies to attack anyone who isn't a straight, white, God-fearing conservative Christian (hence why he was voted the Dishonurable Mention in the 2010 Douchebag of the Year awards).

Anyway, what started all of this is that back in December, he said on Word TV that (among other things) gay pride parades are sex festivals that promote pedophilia. Needless to say, this is not true -- and someone complained to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, seeing as this is against their rules. The Council agreed, and the show was suspended for a couple of days.

Of course, McVety and his supporters have claimed that this was political persecution, despite providing no evidence whatsoever that their claims about homosexuals and transgendered people are correct.

Several weeks later, the television station in question (Crossroads Television) -- a right-wing Christian station, believe it or not -- announced that Word TV would be removed permanently from their schedule, because McVety refused to change his behaviour. Sure enough, McVety is ONCE AGAIN claiming to be persecuted, and is suing his former employers.

Charles, maybe no-one ever explained it to you, but when you play a particular game, you're supposed to follow the rules. You clearly are not. You are going to lose.

(and besides, McVety is in a hell of a place to complain about being censored, given some of his previous crusades)

Of course, McVety STILL isn't getting the message -- just this morning (Feb. 8, 2011), he was on AM 640 (a Toronto talk radio station), crying that the sky is going to fall, because the Harper government is considering recognizing the legal rights of transgendered people. Admittedly, this is rather surprising, given that Harper tends to obey social bigots like McVety all the time, but anyway... What's McVety's main concern? Well, other than claiming that (like gay marriage) this will destroy society and pave the way for legalized pedophilia (um, right...), he's concerned about his daughter showering with what is technically a man, at the gym or pool.

As I've already stated, I would hope that any transgendered woman showering around a child would have the courtesy to show SOME modesty around them. In any case, he would appear to either not know or not care, that there are plenty of female sex offenders in North America (you could pretty much flip a coin, to determine which it is). Besides, how does McVety know that his daughter is any more comfortable with showering around strange women? Or, for that matter, that she's comfortable with Dear Old Daddy dragging her into his crusades (and thereby involuntarily putting the mental image of his showering daughter into the public consciousness).

If there is a God, this guy's time has come and gone, and before very long he personally will be gone forever.