Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Breakfast with Scot

More than once, I've attacked the positions of the Canadian Family Values Coalition, and more specifically its director, the so-called Reverend Doctor Charles McVety. In fact, the whole reason I started my YouTube show was because he endorsed an attempt to censor Canadian films based on what he called grossly offensive content. The problem is that in addition to genuinely hateful and pornographic material, he was also offended by a little movie called Breakfast with Scot, about two gay men who foster an 11 year old boy. His problem with it is that supposedly it was indoctrinating children in the gay lifestyle, whatever the hell that means. Having now seen it, I can tell you once and for all, Mr. McVety doesn't know what he's talking about.

Throughout the movie, the gay orientations of the main adult characters are dealt with very subtly; for most scenes they appear to be roommates who like to cuddle from time to time. To be fair, part of the reason for this is that Eric, the lead in the movie, is a sportscaster and former NHL star who's afraid he won't be taken seriously if his private life is made public. He's also very sensitive to the kind of bullying that boys go through if their schoolmates think they're gay.

Which leads me to the good Doctor's prejudiced grievance... If he and his fellow nimrods actually bothered to watch the movie and pay any attention whatsoever, he would have noticed that young Scot's foster family couldn't have indoctrinated him into anything -- the boy was already effeminate long before they met him.

If anything, Eric in particular tries to get him to appear more "normal", at least by mainstream standards, while Sam tries to encourage Scot to be comfortable in his own skin. But I guess that would be a big problem for a man who thinks that gay men shouldn't be able to marry, or adopt children... or a man who frequently acts as if any sexual activity heavier than a cheek kiss will somehow cause Lucifer to erupt from the bowels of Hell.

As I've said before, Mr. McVety's ignorance and power tripping aren't representative of all conservatives, and definitely not of all Christians. However, there are enough people like him out there, who want to keep people's minds and souls closed to the world around them, that when they get on a soapbox it can do a lot of damage. Not only does it jeopardize our liberties on several levels, but to be honest it makes decent and heartfelt Christians look terrible. I've already said that this guy has no right to preach his garbage to the public, but I'll try something more tactful than my previous version: Charles, you're just embarrassing yourself. Enough said.

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