Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Re: Obama's School Lecture

I didn't see Barack Obama's lecture to high school students, but according to everyone who did see it, it was basically a talk on the importance of trying hard not only in school, but life. You are in charge of your own destiny, there is no excuse to not try, that sort of thing.

So why are so many Americans so pissed about the very idea of the President talking to their children, that they pressured schools to not participate in the lecture? Why are they so convinced that Obama has a hidden socialist agenda, when there has been little to no evidence of this at all?

I don't know, but frankly I'm getting incredibly sick and tired of it by now. While I have little patience for the narrow-minded to begin with, for Obama haters to constantly resort to lies and fear-mongering is BEYOND stupid. If you want to criticize someone -- and be taken seriously by anyone with an I.Q. of above 15 -- it's not hard to try using facts and an even temper. Why won't American conservatives even try that, it seems?

Further, I have to ask, would these same people be getting their knickers in a knot if it were the dim-witted fanatic Sarah Palin giving this lecture? (man I can't picture much worse role models for young women than her) Would they be so upset, if it were the same words, out of... oh I don't know... Bill Clinton?

I thought America was "the land of the free", so why are so many of the people living there acting like it's their personal gulag?

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