Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A note to the Tea Party

So the Republicans managed to make some gains yesterday, and took back the House of Representatives. Good for them. But I would still like to say something to the Tea Party: prepare to be betrayed.

The majority of the Republicans elected into the new Congress, while calling themselves budget hawks, are the same old-school politicians you were supposed to be dead-set against. In other words, the same corporate-kissing fatcats that put the world into this recession, bailed out the banks, and have historically worsened America's economy since time immemorial. Not only that, but many of your more instigating and deranged candidates (like Sharron Angle and Christine O'Donnell) LOST their runs -- so will you now take the hint that running racists, lunatics, and religious fanatics isn't doing the right-wing any favours?

Anyway, in a lot of ways, this Republican victory is going to make no real difference. The same broken, corrupt system that you're complaining about, will continue to be there. And if you seriously think anything in the country will get better, I suggest you read about the budget surplus Bill Clinton passed on to George W. Bush, only for Bush to burn it at the first opportunity. I suggest you take a look at the history of the Great Depression, and how financial regulations enacted after that helped America survive most subsequent recessions with little trouble (that is, until Regan and the Bushes dismantled them, leading to the crisis we now have). These are the same regulations that Obama put back in, to protect common Americans from another collapse in the future, and which your Republican heroes are promising to get rid of. They will probably do that, by the way, not to satisfy your votes, but to satisfy the corporations that funded their campaigns.

The point is, in many ways you just wasted the last two years of America's time. The next time you want to really change the country, do it yourselves. Then, it might actually work.

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