Monday, January 31, 2011

January's Morons of the Month

In my last video, I already went after some of the bigger idiots and monsters we've seen in the first month of 2011 -- like Sarah Palin, The Tea Party, Fox News, and of course Jared Loughner. In this entry, I'm going to go on a bit about the other pissants and buffoons.

The mainstream Republican Party, for using an anti-abortion bill to REDEFINE RAPE. I'm completely serious. Of course, the so-called Pro-Life Robots are all kissing the GOP's boots for this bill, either not knowing or not caring that if you're underage or drugged and get abused, it sucks to be you (according to The Righteous Right tm).

The Toronto Sun (and various conservative pundits/trolls) for telling Canadians who actually care about freedom, to get over what happened at the Toronto G20 summit. Isn't that a little like telling the survivors of 9/11 or The Holocaust to get over their pain? I don't care if police brutality is worse in other parts of the world, the fact is that 1,000 Canadians were essentially assaulted and kidnapped, for no reason whatsoever -- THAT'S FUCKING ILLEGAL, YOU MORONS. Furthermore, I'd love to know how the Sun reporters who were also wrongly arrested, feel about their co-workers and employers basically throwing them under the bus for doing their jobs.

Emperor Stephen Harper and his supporters, because they attack the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc Quebecois for stoking the flames of an election, AFTER the CRAP Party unleashes its attack ads. And before anyone brings up the Liberal attack ads, I do flag all of them as spam when I see them, but I should also point out that at least the Liberal ads are attacking Harper's POLICIES, whereas the CRAP ads are attacking Michael Ignatieff PERSONALLY (and generally not telling a single bit of truth). The fact that people still expect me to think that a guy who spent MULTIPLE BILLIONS of Canadian tax dollars on projects that do no good whatsoever for Canada, and lets our industries be sold out from under us, is IN ANY WAY GOOD FOR THE ECONOMY, is outrageous. That's like saying that The Flat Earth Society should be in charge of the Smithsonian Institute, or the Aryan Brotherhood in charge of Amnesty International.

That's it for now -- give them hell.

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