Sunday, February 20, 2011

Crooked Stephen Harper

In the last week, the government of Emperor Harper has caught nothing but flak, over one -- relatively insignificant -- cabinet minister. Bev Oda, the Minister for International Co-Operation, has admitted (after a lot of cajoling), that she revoked the funding to KAIROS (a progressive Christian humanitarian group). Specifically, she did this by adding the word "NOT" to a document that had already been signed by one of her staff, which actually approved $7 million in federal funding.

Everyone in Ottawa, or following the story, who isn't a die-hard Stephen Harper supporter, is calling for Oda's head. It's not so much because she denied KAIROS funding -- whether one agrees with that or not, that is her prorogative, as the head of that department. The problem is that she not only altered a signed document (effectively forging it), but that she initially claimed that she wasn't the one to have done so.

In other words, not only did she lie to Parliament (which -- on top of being extremely unethical -- is grounds for dismissal), but she apparently committed a crime.

So what does our righteous Conservative Prime Minister do? After all, he has always thumped his chest about bringing an accountable government to Ottawa, and being tough on crime. Well, guess what? He's championing Bev Oda's actions.

For those who have forgotten recent history, Harper took down the Paul Martin Liberals for scandals like this (ie. AdScam). Not only that, but less than a year ago, Harper had fired cabinet minister Helena Guergis and sicked the RCMP on her, for a lot less than this. I guess being honest with Canadians, and obeying serious laws, is yet another thing that Harper only cares about when he can wound lower-case liberals with it.

I sincerely hope that Opposition Leaders Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton, and Gilles Duceppe remember where their testicles are, and overthrow Harper NOW. Forming a coalition is all that it should take, but even if it comes to an election, Harper's going to have a very hard time convincing Canadians he deserves to stay in power, when HE'S ASSISTING A CRIMINAL, WHO LIES TO THE PUBLIC. Of course, we won't even get into how Harper himself is being investigated by the International Criminal Court, for covering-up (and possibly ordering) the torture of Canada's Afghan war prisoners. If ever there was a Prime Minister, who made himself a textbook case for being thrown out of office by force, it's Stephen Harper.

Enough said.

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