Sunday, September 25, 2011

September's Morons of the Month

  • George Lucas for taking his sabotage of the Star Wars movies to such ridiculous lengths that the Blu-Ray versions of the classic films, look more and more like parodies of the Special Edition... made by a kid with Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker.
  • Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and Brother/Councillor Doug Ford for illustrating how well they can unite the city... but getting every last person in town enraged about their idea to turn prime waterfront land into a cheap casino resort, exclusively for the rich.
  • Various Republicans/Tea Party Terrorists for shouting that a seriously ill person in America, unable to afford health insurance, should be left to die, and the so-called moderate majority of them doing NOTHING to challenge it. I'm not even exaggerating -- it was all caught on CNN during a Republican candidates debate. (and anyone who says that it was only a handful of people in the crowd shouting that... take a look at 99% of the comments on blogs and YouTube from Teabaggers and you'll find either the exact same words or the attitude behind them, being preserved in stone)
  • Emperor Stephen Harper for not only trying to ram a really questionable "tough on crime" bill through Parliament, when our crime rates are at 40 year lows, but for marking the tenth anniversary of 9/11, by declaring Muslims to be the biggest threat to Canada. Well, more accurately, he said "Islamacism" is the biggest threat... but when A NATIONAL LEADER is using the tortured language of a white supremacist after a couple of beers, it's no wonder our global image is down the tubes.
  • York University Student Sarah Grunfeld for falsely accusing her professor of making an anti-Semitic remark (nearly getting him fired), and refusing to recognize she'd made a mistake.
  • Certain web site administrators (who will remain nameless) for dealing with racist users breaking the rules... by threatening to suspend the people that report them.
  • The State of Georgia, its parole board, the US Supreme Court, and various conservative monsters for allowing and supporting the execution of convicted cop killer Troy Davis, despite there being not a shred of solid evidence that he'd killed anyone.

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