Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tea Party Reformers Self-Destruct

This has been an awesome week, for those who actually want some sanity and decency in the world. As I said yesterday, Tea Party rabble-rouser Rush Limbaugh is getting globally laughed at, for his ridiculous claim that The Dark Knight Rises is a Democrat propaganda piece, because the villain is named Bane (nevermind that the character was created almost 20 years ago, and put into the movie long before Romney's business history became an issue). Today, there were even more setbacks for the far-right of North America.

In my home and native land, the Harper Conservatives have lost a Federal Court case, to stop some of last year's election results from being overturned. The government tried to say that -- despite several close ridings, which the Cons won, being targeted by illegal and deceptive robocalls on Election Day -- the case had no merit, just because it was brought about by a left-wing lobby group called the Council of Canadians. As usual, the far-right loves to think that just because it's being severely criticized by somebody, it means that their critics have some sort of bias. No, nevermind all of the evidence tying the Conservatives to these calls, like the cell phones bought by their staffers, the cheques that went to robocall companies, and simply their obnoxious attitude towards the idea of a stolen election, NOOOOO the Council of Canadians is just a bunch of blithering sore losers with nothing better to do than stop Harper's Holy Crusade to "save" Canada.

Further south, former Tea Party presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann recently set off a firestorm, when she claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood has somehow infiltrated the State Department, up to the highest levels (and apparently endangered the life of Secretary Hilary Clinton, when she visited Egypt soon afterwards). Leaving aside that a statement like this, is almost like saying that a Klansman can blend into Nigeria, this gross act of slander and borderline treason has actually earned the ire of other Republicans. Even John McCain and Chris Christie -- two staunch conservatives, these days -- are saying that she's basically lost her mind.

You know it's funny, this time last year I almost took up drinking, because I thought that North America was really going to be destroyed by these lunatics and psychopaths, but every time I turn around it looks like they're just imploding.

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frannyharp said...

Love it. Above the 49th, I especially love watching the Harperites now start to get even sillier than they were before. It's almost fun to watch....yes, there is a God!