Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Conservative Michael Sona charged in Robocall Scandal

So the man who once boasted on Facebook about trying to steal a ballot box, for the Conservative Party, has been criminally charged in relation with his party's apparent sabotage of the 2011 election. He had been a major focus of the investigation for some time, due to a huge chunk of the misleading robocalls (falsely claiming polling stations had been moved) coming from the Guelph campaign office where he'd worked. Suffice it to say hardly anyone believes that he acted alone, but at least someone has actually been arrested over this -- FINALLY.

Of course, more needs to be done. Emperor Harper -- if he has any of the moral and ethical integrity that he claims to -- should immediately apologize and resign for the serious transgressions of his party. The Governor General should give some serious thought to suspending Parliament until it has been ascertained that the government is legitimate. At the VERY least, Sona himself should tell Elections Canada and the RCMP EVERYTHING that happened -- given his history and previous statements, he has no credibility from simply denying he did anything wrong.

Will it actually happen? Personally I doubt it, but then again I'm a bit surprised that we've even gotten this far.

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utterlyuseless said...

Harper's biggest weapon is Canadian passivity toward ruling parties. We won't rise up,that's not Canadian. We WILL stomp his party back into oblivion in the next election and I hope we do the one thing that the US didn't do: bring the bastards up on trial.