Monday, June 6, 2011

Sarah Palin's History Lesson

So if you haven't heard, apparently Sarah Palin claims to know more about American history than the actual people who wrote history books, and the people who spent years at university to learn how to properly understand it... or for that matter, anyone who can actually read the English language.

We all know about Paul Revere, right? He was a hero of the American revolution, famous for warning his comrades that the colonial British troops were coming to arrest them? You know, that thing called The Midnight Ride (though some of the details were embellished as it became legend). I'm Canadian and even I know about that -- so would any grade-schooler in the states, I hope (despite the best efforts of Texas).

Well, according to Failin' Palin, this is not true. Behold the following video -- recorded in Boston, no less.

Wow, I bet that went over real well.

But wait -- THERE'S MORE!

Apparently, Palin's gestapo zealots supporters in the Teabaggers Tea Party Terrorist Group Patriots have taken to tampering with Wikipedia, to change their Paul Revere article to reflect Palin's claim. Not surprisingly, the editors took exception to brand-new claims that Revere was effectively a traitor, and on top of that tried to protect rights in a Constitution that didn't exist yet. Especially when those claims are only substantiated by someone who honestly thinks that Africa is a country.

So let me get this straight... when moderates and liberals who are educated and sensible enough to pass a basic I.Q. test, simply repeat the exact text of a historical document, that is considered eeebil sochulist revishunism. However, when a clearly idiotic lunatic and her personal militia just pull random statements out of their asses, we're expected to bow down to them?

And conservatives wonder why the rest of us think they're idiots??

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