Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stop Harper

A bit of a kerfuffle was made this week, over Emperor Harper's first throne speech, since being rewarded for contempt of Parliament with absolute power. Not so much over the speech itself -- though I personally am bothered by his promise to set up a Religion office, and scrap an effective gun registry, as well as bemused by his latest faulty economic promises. The controversy is over a Parliamentary page named Bridgette De Pape, holding a sign that said "STOP HARPER", right where Harper and other political big-whigs (and the media) could see it.

The 21 year old woman was quickly removed and fired for the stunt -- which is appropriate punishment -- but I still applaud this young lady for having the guts to take such a direct and public stand. We have seen many times over, that Harper and his supporters view the 75% of Canadians who didn't vote Conservative as a virus to be wiped out. I personally have seen HarperCons talk about killing every last one of us, and have been threatened and stalked over my statements. In this last election alone, we saw the Conservatives spy on and assault people who had any history at all with another political movement, and try to actually remove a ballot box (I'll remind you that this is the only party to my knowledge, to be charged with cheating in at least one election). Then there's that whole issue of who cut the brake lines of Liberal supporters in the 2008 election...

Sure enough, Harper has some supporters who feel that making disgusting put downs is the appropriate way to handle someone exercising their freedom of speech.

Check out this comment.

And this one.

This one too.

These are the kind of people that Canada just allowed to dominate us. Thanks a lot.

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