Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Christian Right vs. Occupy Wall Street

I just read something that I could help but find hilarious. One of the smaller right-wing Christian groups in the States, in one of their recent meetings, had this to say about the ever-growing protests against Wall Street:

The sixties-style tent city protest, which seemed to fizzle after its September 17 launch, now has momentum and is expanding to cities across the nation, including Washington, D.C. Organizers of the movement (e.g. ACORN, labor unions, and other far-left leaders and groups) have been given new life by the sycophant liberal media, Hollywood celebrities and leading Democrats in Washington, including President Obama. Six arrests were made when one hundred demonstrators conducted an illegal demonstration inside a Senate office building (see Gullible, Who’s Behind it?, Official Website, Senate Building).

  • May God prevent these radical organizers from stirring revolution and distracting voters from the elections and keeping watch on our elected leaders (Num 16:1-14; Is 1:4-6; Pr 12:11-12; Mt 26:41; Eph 4:28; 1 Tim 6:3-10; Heb 13:5-6).

Now, leaving aside for a moment that Jesus Himself was a revolutionary -- unless you think that there was nothing radical about forming a group that was very much against the established government -- here's what I said to the group in an e-mail response:

Jesus made it very clear, that Christians are supposed to help the poor at all costs. Lest you think that this is some liberal revisionism of The Gospels, I refer you to the incident in the Book of Mark, where Jesus Himself FLAT OUT SAYS that if you aren't willing to give up your possessions to help the poor, then YOU ARE NOT REALLY FOLLOWING HIM.

So why then, is your group praying for the FAILURE of the Occupy Wall Street movement? Would you care to show me exactly where ANYONE says in The Bible that the rich shall have total dominion over the land, and that the poor are to be treated with contempt?

Remember this, thou hypocrites, the next time you say with a straight face that it's liberals and heathens that are perverting Christianity.


CanNurse said...

I've seen stuff like this too! Great response! Did you get anything back from them? If you do, be sure to post it. I'd love to figure that out. I mean Jesus would be at the protests, & throwing OUT the money-changers!! ;-)

BoredomCorner said...

I'll let you know, if I hear from them at all.

gooomie said...

Cannot wait to hear a comeback on this one...CHECKMATE!

mysafehome said...

The right to express oneself is clearly being taken seriously. People are angry, on all sides. It seems fear has been piled so high that more and more people are starting to claw and dig their way out from the bottom. We need to remember in our quest for fairness and justice that we are all part of this machine. All people are US. Even the groups we don't agree with are our neighbours, our co-workers, and our friends. Let us not chastise anyone while we push for a solution to our oppression. We will benefit from finding common ground. Right and wrong are a matter of opinion and depend on an already formed world view. I think the politicians should be very glad to have people that pray for them, though praying actually does more for those on their knees. Let's try to drop the opinion, step back... see a bigger picture.