Thursday, December 15, 2011

December's Morons of the Month

Stay tuned for the 2011 Douchebag of the Year, to be awarded on New Year's Eve.

  • Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina for giving his friend/chief of staff a $30,000 pay raise, and lying about whose idea it was.
  • Lowe's Hardware Stores for caving in to the a Florida hate group, that threatened them for advertising on the TLC show "All American Muslims".
  • The US Congress (and Barack Obama) for seriously toying with the idea of expanded police powers (basically Patriot Act PLUS).
  • Fox News for saying that the new Muppets movie, is teaching kids to embrace communism. Seriously.
  • Ann Coulter and Jeremy Clarkson for calling for union strikers and Occupy protesters to be shot.
  • Charles McVety (and other "family values" assholes) for continuing to call for queer kids to be bullied at school, even if it means those kids take their own lives -- basically, a quiet way of calling for genocide.
  • Conservative MP Jim Hillyer for miming shooting at the opposition, when voting to axe the gun registry.
  • British PM David Cameron for sabotaging the European economy, by vetoing a treaty that was going to fix it.
  • The Harper Government for doing what no other nation in the WORLD has done -- pulled out of the Kyoto Accord.

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Voice of tReason said...

Must be difficult to whittle down the list to a manageable size.